BEXLEY 2008th Owner's Club

The 2008 Bexley Owners Club Edition is another first for Bexley. The cap and barrel bodies are formed from solid sterling silver. Each cap, and each barrel, is engraved with 4 panels in a distinctive organic pattern, surrounded by a smooth background. The top of the cap, the bottom of the barrel, and the grip section are machined from black cast acrylic. In recognition of our fifteenth year, there are 150 pens in sterling silver with matching clip, and 150 in vermeil (sterling silver with heavy 23 carat gold plating) with matching clip. Additionally, there are 50 matching non-serialized roller ball pens in sterling silver & 50 in gold vermeil. The pens are equipped with Bexley's two-tone 18k solid gold nibs in fine, medium, broad, or broad stub widths. They fill from standard ink cartridges, or the supplied piston-filling converters. The Bexley Owners Club pens are bench-made in our factory in Columbus, Ohio. Our master craftsmen make each pen individually - cutting, shaping, smoothing, test-fitting, adjusting, assembling, polishing the body, installing your nib, and testing the finished pen for proper performance. In a world of mass production, it is a pleasure to produce a bench-made, high-quality product. In fact, Bexley Pen is the only writing instrument manufacturer still making fine fountain pens in the USA. It would be our privilege to make one for you. The Bexley 2008 Owners Club pens will be available beginning December 2007 MSRP* for the FP is $495 (150 Serialized Pieces) each color MSRP* for the RB is $375 (50 non Serialized Pieces) each color

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