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TIBALDI is proud to introduce the TIBALDI for Riva writing instruments. The collection marks the first ever collaboration of these two iconic Italian brands - Riva, makers of the most luxurious power boats in the world and Tibaldi, Italy’s first fountain pen manufacturer. Both are companies equally committed to creating strikingly beautiful and exquisitely crafted Italian luxury goods.


Riva history


The Riva story began in 1842 in Sarnico, a small town on the shores of Lake Iseo in northern Italy, when Pietro Riva attempted to repair two storm-damaged fishing boats. Succeeding where others had failed, his carpentry skills soon earned him a reputation for working miracles. He was soon commissioned by a wealthy client to build a new boat. In the century which followed, Pietro’s son, Ernesto, introduced passenger and cargo boats while his grandson, Serafino would produce triumphant racing boats between the first and second world wars. In the 1950s Carlo Riva specialised in pleasure boats which came to be known as the epitome of elegance and Italian style. Today, after an unbroken 160 year history, Riva is the world’s number one name in luxury yachting.


Since Riva joined the Ferretti Group in 2000, its production capacity has swelled. But with less than 90 yachts sold annually round the globe, Riva routinely accommodates lengthy waiting lists. In 2003 Riva opened a new shipyard in Sarnico right next to the original yard used by Pietro Riva.


TIBALDI - a writing instrument of divine proportions


TIBALDI created Italy’s first fountain pen in 1916. Ever since, design-conscious collectors and pen enthusiasts across the globe have cherished TIBALDI’s precious, reliable and collectable writing instruments.


Each one an ornate accessory and a masterpiece of technological innovation, all TIBALDI pens have been developed and designed with a level of precision and care usually reserved for high precision mechanical watches.


The Divine Proportion


Phi – the concept known as the Divine Proportion – informs every minute detail of the structure of all TIBALDI writing instruments. It all started when Italian mathematician Fibonacci discovered an extraordinary mathematical sequence in the 13th century. In it, each number equals the sum of the two previous numbers. A further mathematical relationship between the numbers in Fibonacci’s sequence was revealed in the 18th century. Every number is approximately 1.618 times larger than the number that precedes it. This ratio became known as Phi.


Phi has been used in art, architecture and music for centuries. Such is the objective perfection of the Divine Proportion, that many classical composers and designers did not even know they were applying its principles. The concept of Phi also occurs repeatedly in nature - in the structure of dolphins and the alignment of leaves on trees.


The choice of success


Both TIBALDI and Riva owners are in illustrious company. TIBALDI is the choice of some of the world’s greatest movie, sporting and music stars, writers, authors, film directors, heads of state and royalty. Owners span the gamut from actor Tom Hanks, Da Vinci Code film director Ron Howard, author Dan Brown to Apple founder Steve Jobs and Bahrain’s royal family. Riva boats meanwhile have been a favourite of Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton, Sophia Loren, Prince Rainier, Aristotle Onassis and Peter Sellers and have appeared in James Bond movies.


Italian design at its pinnacle


Design and style are central to both TIBALDI and Riva. With meticulous emphasis on details, TIBALDI has created a unique pen collection reflecting the exquisite lacquer work, woodwork and rich interiors for which Riva is renowned.


All TIBALDI for Riva writing instruments are coated in exactly the same paint colours as Riva boats. Made of a secret formula known only to Riva, these patented paints are designed for extreme durability.


Echoing the shape of the original Riva bitts (the posts fixed to the deck of a ship for fastening cables and ropes), the clip’s sophisticated spring mechanism lifts it easily away from the cap, enabling it to slide effortlessly when inserted into a pocket. The barrel is handcrafted with inlaid wood, reminiscent of the wooden deck on Riva’s boats.


TIBALDI for Riva casing


TIBALDI for Riva pens are presented in cool metal holder trimmed with wood and lacquered with matching paint colour, perfect for those with a penchant for nautical travel.




Like the original TIBALDI nibs from the early 1900s, each one is solid 18K gold and engraved with the guarantee of first class writing instruments – 1a Qualità. Nibs are available in medium grade and feature a three-tone colouration – white rhodium, rose gold and black rhodium.


Limited editions


Each TIBALDI for Riva pen is a limited edition writing instrument.


The collection consists of:

500 fountain pens in each colour

500 roller balls* in each colour


*Roller balls are also supplied with an extra ball point pen refill




Two Riva colours are available:

~Roman Bronze

~Navy Blue


The former trimmed with rose gold plating and the latter with palladium.


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